Our Story

Initiated in 2016, Everwell Cameroon Cables and Engineering Ltd. is the third subsidiary of Hebei Huatong Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. after those of Tanzania and South Africa.
Our factory is located in the industrial zone of Bonaberi-Ndobo. Due to our professionalism, long experience and our advanced research ability, we are a modern manufacturer of electric cables and steel pipes
For the first phase of our project in Cameroon, we have invested more than 10 million USD over an area of more than one hectare where we have installed major lines of electric cables production and advanced verification equipment.
Our current products include

Low voltage cables
Twisted overhead service cables
underground connection cable
Residential and industrial installation cable
Halogen free wires & cables; Fire resistant and low smoke release
Special cables
Medium voltage cables

Overhead isolated MV cables
Underground MV cables
Aluminum and aluminum alloy conductors AAC, AAAC, ACSR
Copper conductors

Our objectives

  • Ensure the safety of our customer
  • Ensure the quality of our products
  • Improve our customers conditions
  • Outreach service
  • Fair billing
  • Invite our customers to use rationally all our installations in order to avoid any damages to their property.

Management team

Everwell Cameroon Cables & Engineering S.A. management is led by a dynamic team with an involving leadership. She is committed to employees’ development as well as she is aware of their responsibility for the socio-economic development of localities which shelter their infrastructures.

M. FengLong ZHANG – CEO

M. XiaoFei WANG – Deputy CEO