Medium Voltage Cables (MV)

Medium voltage lines allow the transmission of electricity at the local level to small industries, SMEs and businesses. They are also the link between the customers and transformer stations of power distribution companies. MV lines have a voltage between 15kV and 30kV. It is used in particular for fixed installations (distribution networks or industrial installations).


It consists of one or three conductors of armed or unarmed phase. Copper or Alu core circular and wired class two Extruded outer conductor peelable Extruded inner conductor Insulation: Polyethylene Crosslinked Copper ribbon screen placed in a helix Black PVC sheath


Maximum temperature on the core in short circuit: 250 Maximum temperature on the core permanently: 90 INSULATION Crosslinked polyethylene in order to ensure a high temperature resistance (up to 90 C), cold and short -circuits (250 C), as well as the guarantee of a good mechanical resistance and sealing.

Manufactured types: