CEO Message


CEO Message

DG Directeur Général

FengLong ZHANG

Dear all,

First of all, allow me to welcome you at Everwell Cameroon Cables and Engineering. It is an honor and a real pleasure to speak to you through our website.
Almost two years ago, while travelling in Cameroon for this project’s feasibility study, I found an agreeable country with a significant economic potential. Most importantly, I found a welcoming people living in peace and harmony. After several administrative procedures we are finally settled.
According to a Chinese saying, “one cannot see the rainbow without first going through the storm.” For my team and myself, this venture is our rainbow and it makes us proud and give us the drive to keep on working.

As EVERWELL CAMEROON General Manager, this is the opportunity to express my gratefulness to the Cameroonian government, which, through its economic and social development plan allowed our brand, EVERWELL Cameroon, to take part to the promotion of the “Made in Cameroon”. We are now the first industrial company in the electrical cable and standardized steel manufacturing sector here in Cameroon and also in the CEMAC subregion.
I also would like to thank the HEBEI HUATONG WIRES AND CABLES GROUP president for his willingness to invest in Africa and for the support given to all of his group’s subsidiaries. In fact, EVERWELL CAMEROON is the group’s third subsidiary to be founded after the ones in Tanzania and South Africa.
We are celebrating the birth of a newborn who makes HEBEI HUATONG WIRES AND CABLES GROUP proud.
Following the investment made, it is now our turn to effectively contribute to the industrial development, the transportation of energy and the rural and urban electrification plan. We can now guaranty the quality and the affordability of our products because they have been thoroughly assessed and approved by great laboratories.
Along with the Standard and Quality Agency (ANOR), we took part to the electrical cables standards elaboration in Cameroon. The cables quality available on the market is our primary concern hence our motto “we opted for quality”.
EVERWELL CAMEROON CABLES AND ENGINEERING S.A. creation allowed a flow of funds, technology transfer, and has especially allowed the recruitment of a local workforce estimated at 300 permanent employees. They all work in a professional, viable and secure environment.
Furthermore, our company wants to be a responsible company. This is the reason why we pay a particular attention to ethics and human moral values. We will not fail to support projects regarding the social, health and education aspects.
Dear guests, from the north, south, east and west Cameroon and from elsewhere in Africa, our company is at its starting point and it is thanks to you. We are counting on all of you, indisputable economic actors of our society progressive development. The electricity being the economy energy, EVERWELL CAMEROON is the new “silk road, the crossroad of quality”.
May God bless the Cameroon, may God bless Africa
Thank you.