Isolated overhead MV cables


The insulated overhead MV cables consist of 3 insulated cross-linked polyethylene conductors, assembled around a sheathed steel cable acting as a carrier. Phase conductors are identical to those of underground MV cables. If necessary, they can be buried in the same way as underground cables. EVERWELL CAMEROON CABLES AND ENGINEERING SA manufactures cables that meet the requirements of its customers, both in performance and quality.

Aerial twists NF C 33-226 12/20 (24) Kv

Manufactural features

Nature of the core Aluminium
Insulation XLPE(chemical)
outer sheath PE-HD

Electrical charcteristics

Operating voltage rate (Uo/U (Um) 12 / 20 (24) Kv

Mechanicals characteristics

Cable flexibility Rigid

Usage chracteristics

Non flame propagating C2, NF C 32-070

MT Aérien Isolé
MT Aérien Isolé

We are able to supply on request NF C 33-226 cables with the following variants:

  • Copper core
  • Different voltage
  • Different section
  • Earth conductor
  • Reinforced thickness aluminum screen