Deputy CEO


The Deputy CEO

XiaoFei WANG
Deputy CEO

Evewell is a Cameroonian company created in 2016 which manufactures electric cables. We have at our disposal several production units and manufacture low and medium voltage electrical cables.
As soon as we arrived in Cameroon, we contributed, together with the Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR), to the Cameroonian Standards (NC) on electric cables recognition process. These standards are based on the International Electronichal Commission (IEC) norm. This line of action was prompted by the several fires recorded in the country because of the widespread circulation of uncontrolled and unsafe electric cables.

In addition to the Cameroonian certification (NC), our cables obtained the SO9001: 2000, ISO14001: 1996 and OHSMS18001: 2001 certifications.

Because of our expertise, our dynamism and our extended international experience in the sector, we have taken into account our customers’ requirements regarding the quality and the prices of the cables we provide.
We are grateful for your support in regard to this project implementation and would like to thank you for your everlasting consideration.