Socket and Light Switch

Odace :

The successful design of the circle and the square

The range of Odace sockets and switches is perfectly in line with the new trends in decoration, with a successful design of the circle and the square, while remaining accessible to all. The Odace range includes 2 design lines that combine practicality and efficiency.
Everwell has thought for you Odace, a complete range of plugs and switches combining practice and efficiency with 2 lines design according to your desires decor.

Odace advantages for electric equipement:

  • Comfort, energy savings and security for your home
  • Technical solutions for both new and renovation
  • Robust and quality materials
  • Innovations for a quick and easy installation

Only two references to compose a complete product :

  • Odace Styl : a sleek design and a flawless finish variety
  • Odace Touch : a tactile variety with shades of wood, metal or aluminum for a subtle blend of surfaces and materials

Ovalis :

Successful design of the oval and the square
The range of Ovalis sockets and switches is the first price of efficiency with a successful design of the oval and the square. The Ovalis range offers a single finish that blends into any interior, as well as 30 functions to cover all the needs of your home.With its elegant yet sober design, the Ovalis range of sockets and switches has something to please even the most demanding.
The variety offers a single finish that melts harmoniously in all interiors, as well as 30 functions to cover all the needs of your home (simple switch, control of shutters, mechanical room thermostat, presence detector, TV socket, etc. ).

Ovalis advantages for electrical equipment:

  • Ovalis is produced with robust and quality materials for the durability of your equipment
  • 25% energy saving by combining Ovalis products
  • Safety of the installation: Ergonomic pushbutton and automatic connection without screws for very reliable connections, Security reinforced by the insulated connectors and the wiring diagram. Clipping plates finishing with notched lugs to make up for the unevenness of a wall for a perfect finish, Anti-pulling claw ensuring excellent fixation.

Unica :

Aesthetics of an exceptional square

Unica sockets and switches mixes, materials and effects for a refined look in your living room. Unica products includes 18 plate finishes, 2 mechanism colors and 70 functions.

Mureva Styl

Everwell’s Mureva range is a complete offering of waterproof and robust equipment for unoccupied premises in residential and commercial buildings.

Different usage of Mureva waterproof equipment: :

The range includes 3 types of equipment according to use:
– Gray for garages, cellars, car parks, technical rooms …
– White for laundries, collective kitchens, bathrooms, …
– Blue for premises with mechanical hazards such as workshops, sports …

Advantages of Mureva variety :

    • Fast installation by two screws with dowels
    • Cable entry by simple pressure
    • Large internal volume for cable management
    • Waterproof guaranteed by :
      • Fixing out of the sealed volume
      • Tight hold of the cable by the E.V.A.
      • Seal overmolded on the lid
      • Pressure evenly distributed over the entire seal


Your electrical renovations are reinvented with Everwell’s complete system of moldings and fixtures. Staple, nail, screw, cut, saw … without any constraint!
The quality of the OptiLine Mini PVC moldings and the numerous Alréa surface-mounted switchgear, switches, sockets, TVs, standard frames and shutters are the essential elements to offer your building a quality electrical renovation.
A range designed for you, which will bring you comfort, practicality and whose only limit will be your imagination.

Odace Styl Pratic

Odace Styl Pratic questions the functionality of electrical equipment to give it new perspectives. Adapted to your everyday life, these switches provide truly effective solutions and blend beautifully into your home.

Odace Styl Pratic advantages for electrical equipment :

Equipped with unique accessories, the Odace Styl Pratic ‘range redefines the notion of comfort in your home. A telephone socket serves as a support for the mobile phone, which it charges, a switch turns into a key ring, or reminds you of the shopping list. Odace lives to the rhythm of today’s life and does everything to simplify it.