Aerial bare lines


Bare wires are subject to wind, temperature fluctuations and intense solar radiation. Thus, EVERWELL CAMEROON CABLES AND ENGINEERING SA offers a range of bare wire overhead lines to meet these constraints as well as the increasing need to carry more electric power in the same diameter.

There are several types of nude airline drivers depending on their structure and composition.
1- Homogeneous conductors in pure aluminum (AAC)
2- Heterogeneous conductors composed of aluminum and steel (ACSR)
3- Heterogeneous conductors composed of aluminum and ACS (Aluminum Clad Steel) (ACSR / AW)
4- Homogeneous aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC)
5- Heterogeneous conductors composed of aluminum alloy and galvanized steel (AACSR)
6- Heterogeneous conductors composed of aluminum alloy and ACS (Aluminum Clad Steel) (AACSR / AW)
7- Heterogeneous conductors composed of aluminum and aluminum alloy (ACAR)

Benefits of Everwell bare air conductors:
• Low corrosion
• Different alloys adapted to the standards of each country
• Strong transport capacity for dense gridses
• Different dimensions according to customer needs

Aluminum and aluminum alloy conductors

AAC Drivers

AAC, All AAC aluminum conductors are twisted aluminum conductors with a minimum purity of 99.7%. It is mainly used in urban areas where spacing is short and supports are close. It can be used in coastal areas because of its high degree of corrosion resistance and is also widely used in the railway and metro industries.

Conducteur Aluminuim ACC
AAAC Drivers

AAAC are used as a conductor cable that require a larger mechanical resistance than AAC and a better corrosion resistance than the ACSR. The sag characteristics and the strength-to-weight ratio of the AAAC AAC and ACSR.

ACSR Drivers

ACSRs are available in a range of steel grades ranging from 6% to 40% for extra strength. Higher strength ACSR conductors are commonly used for river crossings, overhead grounding cables and installations involving extra long spans. The ACSR conductor can, against any given resistance, be manufactured with different tensile strengths, so that a high tensile strength combined with its light properties means that it can cover longer distances with fewer supports. Due to the larger diameter of the ACSR conductor, a higher crown limit can be achieved, which is advantageous on high and very high voltage overhead lines.

Copper Conductors

BCC bare copper overhead conductors BS 7884

Conductivity: 100%
Solid or twisted bare copper conductor (moderately hard embedded)
We can also produce solid bare conductor or copper strand in high strength

We are able to supply on request cables of several sections and types:

  • Copper core
  • Twist
CM_BCC Conducteurs aériens en cuivre nu BS