Electrics meters

Revised single-phase standard 60 amp single speed meter
Mechanical display

  • Voltage: 230 volts – 50 hertz
  • Intensity max. : 60 amperes
  • Maximum section phase / neutral connection: 16 mm
  • Pulses: no
  • Double rate: no
  • Weight

Three-phase electric meter CIRCUTOR 5A (TC)

The Circutor CEM-C30 three-phase electrical meter is a static meter for DIN rail mounting. It is an electric meter with indirect measurement 5A up to 10A.
The Circutor CEM-C30 division meter measures Class B / 1 active energy and Class 2 reactive energy.
The CEM-C30 electrical sub-meter has a LCD display (7 digits) with a rotating screen system and 2 buttons (1 sealable) to display all measurement data.
This three-phase electric meter up to 65A is equipped with a programmable pulse output.
It can also be equipped with the Modbus Communication Module CEM-CM to communicate via the Modbus protocol. In fact, the lateral communication optical port system makes it possible to place the CEM-CM module.
This smart electricity meter is used to check the energy charged by the energy distributor. It also applies for cost control or to establish a remote report of energy consumption.

Technical characteristics

  • Rated voltage : 230 Vca
  • Connections: Three-phase
  • Reference voltage: : 3 x 57/100 … 3×230/400 Vca
  • Minimun electric power: : 5A
  • Maximum electric power: 65A
  • Dimensions: 4 modules
  • Equippped with a pulse output
  • Optional : a Modbus communication modules : CEM-CM
  • Option : Certification MID