Low Voltage Cables

These cables are intended for the achievement of low-voltage public distribution aerial networks. They include an isolated neutral carrier. There are two families of twists:

  • Twisted distribution (or network) for rural and urban low voltage distribution,
  • Twisted electrical connection, installed in shunt of the twist of distribution, which feeds the counters of the customers or the cabinet’s foot of the column of small buildings.

We manufactures high quality twisted ALUMINUM NF C 33-209 and COPPER NF C 33-209. Clic for more information.

Our low voltage underground  cables, are aligned to international standards.  Clic for more information.

Domestic  wires are commonly used products, they are particularly recommended for the realization of fixed electrical installations with exceptions, domestic wires are kept in stock in standard packaging. Clic for more information.

They are made off Instrumentation and control cables, solar energy cables and handling cables. All aligned to standards. Clic for more information.