Electrical switchboard

Single phase prepaid counting box


  • Polycarbonate tank and porthole gray color RAL7035
  • Transparent PC viewing port for UV protection
  • Voltage 220V ~
  • Electric power : 30A ou 60A according to circuit breaker

Converter box : mono 220V / tree 380 TECPOWERGEN converter

This converter allows to transform the single-phase electric power 220V there 400V three-phase. The first electronic stage transforms the mono 220V there 220V three-phase, then voltage is transformed into 400V there. (3 phases + neutral + soil)

  • Voltage and deffect indicators, power and emergency stop buttons
  • Output protection by magneto-thermal circuit breaker 6A..
  • Electronic self-protection: the output voltage drops when there is too much demand at the output.
  • Efficiency: 70%, Brand CE.
  • Delivered with one 16A output female plug.
  • 2 Years Warranty

Usage limit : When load demands reach a peak of power request (for example at the start of an engine by contactor), the equipment will lower voltage to reduce this peak. We advice a progressive start.


Swimming pool electric box

The electric box of swimming pool will order the starting of the pump via the clock of programming and the projectors (12 Volts).
The electric box enables you to choose and configure the time of filtration of the swimming pool. To order filtration, there are a switch and a clock of programming. There are 3 positions on the switch: You can choose to automate filtration according to the hours chosen, to make function filtration in manual mode without interruption or to stop filtration.

The time of filtration is a very important parameter to keep a beautiful and healthy water.
In general the electric box of swimming pool is composed of a clock and transformer (for the projectors). It is necessary to also think of adding the thermal protection of the pump.

this box offers two main functions :

  • Program and Control
  • Protect

Temperature regulator box

It allows the adjustment of the temperature of a heating unit, either by thermocouple or by probe PT100 according to the conditions of use. It is possible to regulate on one or more zones.

coffret regulateur de temperature

Hager Gamma electric box

Coffret Hager Gamma

Electric safety solution
Everwell Cameroon offers various solutions and components to allow you to guarantee the electric safety of your accommodation according to the current standards (NF C 15-100, …):

  • safety against the short circuit: Click Vigi and Click XE circuit breaker
  • Safety against the current of flight: the differential switch ID Click XE
  • Overload protection: the circuit breaker Of Click Vigi, Of Click XE circuit breaker
  • Electric bow protection: the Arc, D’Clic Arc detector


The lightning can cause important damages on the electric installation and establishes a risk of severe damage of devices connected as television or computer. The implementation of a modular lightning conductor inside the electrical panel is at the moment compulsory for the protection of the network in certain regions where the thunder is frequent. His role is to drive towards earth a maximum of electric power from the surges bound to the lightning. Select the typical lightning conductor 1 or typify 2 of your choice.


Parafoudre de tête Type 2

The lightning conductor protects the sensitive(perceptible) electronic materials against the destructive effects of the lightning: computer, TV, Hi-Fi system, freezer … It is known that by knowing that a home possesses on average 2 000 000 FCFA of household electrical appliances and multimedia, it is your best interest to protect this investment thanks to the installation of a lightning conductor.

The lightning conductor forms itself similary as a protection circuit breaker: the lightning conductors of stronger capacity of flow are at the top of installation and those who have lower characteristics are situated in the divisional boards or in the terminal boards. We have two main types of lightning protection lightning:

  • Head protection : situated at the top of installation, at the level of the TGBT or at the top of buildings if the installation contains several,
  •  Fine protection : positioned in the closest to the receivers.

Everwell Cables produces various types of lightning conductors:

  • Type 1 lightning conductors :with a very strong flow capacity, they are intended for the protection of buildings equipped with lightning conductors.
  • Type 2 lightning conductor : with a great flow capacity, they serve for the top protection in the absence of lightning conductor.
  • Type 3 lightning conductor : exclusively reserved for the fine protection of the receivers and settle down behind a type 1 or a type 2.
  • Lightning conductors for communication network : for the protection of equipment’s against surges of atmospheric origin dues to lightning through telecommunication networks and computer network or via sensors’ cables.
  • Lightning conductors for direct power :They are used for the protection against the surges due to the lightning, installations fed with direct powr, photovoltaic panels(signs) and entrance(entry) “continuous” of the inverter.